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It was an easy decision for me and my wife to select Lido Pools and Josh as our custom in ground pool installer. The main aspects we wanted in our pool contractor were knowledge, experience, communication, design, build and keeping promises. All of which we found in Lido Pools, Josh and his crew. We had received a few quotes from other pool companies and they were all the same in terms of price, design and features.

We were not looking to have an average everyday run of the mill pool. We wanted something different with many pool features and that is why Lido Pools was the way to go. Josh was full of ideas for not only the pool, but landscape as well. His experience and knowledge set him apart from the rest from day one. When speaking with other pool companies, it was all the same. What I really wanted was an obstacle for them based on their experience and own limitations. They all tried to talk me out of what we wanted. Not the case with Josh and Lido Pools.

When it came to design, he had no problems doing whatever we wanted. In fact, he had so many ideas that actually helped us to improve upon our own ideas and design a stunning pool and backyard paradise. He never said no, or that it could not be done. He is an innovator with miles of imagination and always a few steps ahead of everyone else. Dealing with a contractor who is experienced and knowledgeable was key for us as well. That is another reason why Lido Pools was an easy decision. I do not think I have met a person with as much knowledge of pools or with as much knowledge in their respective industry as Josh.

His structurally engineered pools are built right and built to last from structure to drainage and everything in between. Another key for us is the ability to stay connected and get in touch with our contractor. That was the case with not just Josh, but his entire team. Everyone was a call, text or email away and always responded in a timely manner.

Finally keeping promises. Lido Pools insured that they stuck to their proposed schedule and made sure that we had our pool ready on time with little impact to our daily lifestyle. In the end Lido Pools and Josh should be your choice whether you plan to install a standard basic in ground pool or an over the top stunning design with all the jets, water features and lighting. He is your trusted source for what you are looking for. My wife, family and I are proud of our pool and backyard oasis made possible by Lido Pools.

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