About Lido Pools

Established since 1968, Lido has accumulated over four decades of knowledge and expertise specializing in the design and development of the greatest proven innovations in construction methods and components this industry has to offer. Our unique structural design is superior in strength, tried and tested for longevity and backed by the exclusive "Pool Elite Warranty Program", the most comprehensive guarantee available in the industry.

Our Ideology:

Lido is an upscale builder that pursues quality not quantity. The word "upscale" doesn't have to mean over priced. We at Lido endeavor to provide our client with quality work at a fair market price. We use foresight to provide an overview, a design plan that may incorporate many variables, perhaps divided into different phases to accommodate each client's requirements.

Mission Statement:

Simply stated, the principal goal of this company and every person in it is to build the best pools in the industry in a timely and professional manner. That is what our clients expect of us and that is what we endeavor to provide to our clients.

What is a Lido?

The term "Lido" is from the name of a place in Venice where bathing took place dating back to ancient times. A "Lido" is an upscale beach area meant for fun in the sun and water. They usually have areas for sunbathing, watching, eating and are designed for activities around water.

Geographically, "Lido’s" are generally located in a protected cove and always occupy the most pristine beach area and ultimate geographic setting.