Custom Built Gunite Spas

Custom Built Gunite Spas are constructed to be permanent. This type of construction shares both the independent and spillover application. They practically always employ the second set up, a more substantial life support system.

Lido ensures a quality product with the attention paid to detail. The variables are simply limitless. In a Gunite Spa, homeowners can choose a product with many of the same options found in a Gunite Swimming Pool. In fact, you can think of the spa as a mini pool with hydro therapy jets. They can be personalized by color, size, shape and depth. Finishes include paint, plasters in solid white and colours, plasters with quartzite and florescent aggregates and tile from porcelain, slate, glass and mosaic. "Natural stone in various natural tones is popular for spa edging and decks. Stand alone and spillover spas can be integrated into a pool/spa combination or as a water feature. Automatic controls for operation, covers, lighting, blowers and sanitation are often integrated into the custom gunite spa as well.