Designing your spa

A spa that is situated in its own private environment away from the pool can still seem connected to it, at least aesthetically. In naturalistic designs, for example, the spa often takes the form of a small pond or hot spring sequestered from the main pool. While a spa can be designed as a miniature version of the pool and placed within its perimeter, it can also assume a completely different shape and reside away from the pool.

It is best if an integrated spa is constructed of the same materials as the pool so that it doesn't appear to be an after-thought. If located off to one side, the spa should complement the pool's geometry.

Space is also one of the major considerations when planning for a new hot tub or spa. Ask this questions:

  • How many people will be using the spa?
  • Is it just for family, or do you plan to entertain guests?

This will help determine the size and shape of spa that will work best for you. Round spas and freeform spas with curved radiuses seat more people than square spas with right angles, because round-shaped spas permit their users to fully utilize all of their interior space. The style and amount of the hydro-therapy jets to be used as well as variable bench heights and loungers are also optional. A popular trend now are "Body Tubes", deep narrow spaces on the side of the spa, where you can enjoy jets from neck to toe while standing upright. Lighting keeps a spa safe and enhances it's design. Popular options include colour-changing lights in quartz halogen, LED or Fiber optic.

Whether you are looking for something classic or contemporary in tone, design possibilities abound.

Lido Pools employs both in-house designers and affiliated landscape planners and architects. Together, we will assist you in creating the perfect project. There are a bevy of theming options available and it's easy to be confused. It is wise to invest the time to thoroughly research the various options in design. Through exposure knowledge is gained, distinct styles in design will emerge and will exude their own unique character. As your taste in styles develops, narrow down the list that most appeals to you. Whether your tastes reflect that of the contemporary, modern, classical or natural, our dedication to helping you realize your dreams is paramount.