Prefabricated Spas

Prefabricated Spas such as Bradford Stainless Steel Spas or Nespa Tiled Composite Fiberglass Spas, typically are used as independent shells and are normally built in to a more substantial surround. Technically still portable but rarely ever moved.

Stainless Steel Spas

Due to its unique properties and aesthetic value, stainless steel is a bright and easily cleaned surface that looks and feels like no other spa, giving a modern and attractive appearance to any home or backyard. There are no color dyes used in the material, which means there will be no fading or dulling over time, and with the addition of glazed ceramic tile, you have a combination of materials that is as good looking as it is long lasting.

Stainless steel has a nonporous surface so it can’t absorb any stains, germs or odors. When maintained properly, is virtually indestructible. A Stainless steel spa can be delivered in prefabricated sections and welded on site, enabling difficult access. Stainless steel spas are individually hand made. This allows the owner to customize their spa exactly the way they want it.

Tiled Composite Fiberglass Spas

Nespa's utilize an innovative process of applying tile or stone finishes to a custom constructed composite fiberglass shells. The variety of finishes is endless. Mosaic glass tiles, porcelains tile, custom hand made, natural stone, slates and slab stone are options that a client can choose.

Each spa is built, by hand, one at a time, because every spa project has unique details. Every project is an individualistic endeavor, requiring thoughtful detail consideration during the development process. For instance the spa's intended use, spa site location, hydro therapy needs, interior design, depth, landscape views, aesthetics, climate, sound levels, chemical, energy and equipment needs, etc. Every spa is meticulously factory built, inspected and water tested prior to leaving the factory.