Vinyl Pool Construction

All of the Lido Pools construction details encompass over four decades of cumulative knowledge base and expertise specializing in the design and development of our craft. Our unique structural design is superior in strength, tried and tested for longevity and backed by the exclusive "Pool Elite Warranty Program", the most comprehensive guarantee available in the industry.

Lido has effectively "Branded" their pools in part by employing four main proprietary items that help make it the best built vinyl lined pool in the world. For this reason, only a "basic description" as noted below is included within this web site.

Lido Pools employs two different main styles of pool construction each with there own unique specifications. The first is the "Lido" Ten Year Structural Warranty, specifically over-designed for any normal backyard installation. This installation procedure shall over-perform while exposed to the harsh rigors of our Canadian climate, specifically the G.T A. where we experience multiple freeze/thaw cycles during each winter. This method takes into consideration, average or adequate earth compaction at the wall footing line approximately 42" below the normal set grade. It also assumes average drainage to the proposed swimming pool and surrounding deck area.

The second style of Swimming Pool construction is the "Lido" Lifetime Structural Warranty, specifically over-designed to over-perform within the same conditions as noted above as well as less than adequate earth compaction at the wall footing and in- adequate drainage of the swimming pool and surrounding deck area. Conditions such as filled ground, moving or shifting ground (ravines), vibrating ground (trains) and high water tables among other problematic situations must be addressed properly to ensure the quality and longevity of each project. There are standard items that are included in the base style as well as optional upgrades added as needed to suit each individual problem.

The first of two styles, the "Lido" Ten Year Structural Warranty is by far more than adequate for the average backyard installation and it is the rare occurrence that a project would require some or all of the items encompassed within the "Lido" Lifetime Structural Warranty. However, some of the extra/optional components are employed from time to time with respect to drainage, especially when deeper pools are requested.

Steel & Bracing:

All "Lido" vinyl lined pool structures are constructed of 14 gauge, stake-locked steel walls protected with an extra thick Z-720 galvanized coating (employing zinc with a nickel catalyst) for extreme durability. Lido engineered 5-piece "boxed braces" in the "Ten Year" or "Perma-Braces" in the "Lifetime" will be installed at every panel joint as well as in between every 6'-0", alternating with 6" concrete sono-tubes to give bracing for the concrete deck every 3'-0" and cemented into place using 25 MPA or 3750 p.s.i. concrete for support. A specialized hand mixed cementicious/latex pool base will be troweled onto the concrete sub base to provide a smooth durable two-stage surface.

Vinyl Liner:

Your choice of vinyl liner could include up to a 40-mil thickness (only in the wall material, as per industry standard). These liners are manufactured in a state of the art facility with virgin vinyl incorporating an anti-bacteriastat to inhibit algae growth.

The manufacturer's 25 year pro-rated warranty has been further protected by "Lido", within the "Pool Elite Warranty Program" to provide each customer the assurance that when the time comes for replacement, we freeze the discount to 40% off the list price, despite the time lapse.


As described within the "10 year" and "Lifetime" Structural Warranty brochures and Lido Pools Quote Sheet contained within our Client Promotional Package.