Access for the excavation of the swimming pool and surrounding area is based upon clear access. This includes a standard backhoe excavator to access the desired location and deposit the excavated earth directly into a dump truck for removal. This requires a minimum width of 12'-0" not withstanding any complexities such as uneven ground, overhead wires or conduits, evestroughing and soffits, air conditioners, gas or electrical meters, required turning radius etc. Absolutely any site/excavation obstacle can be overcome with the adequate machinery. This could include Bobcats, track machines, mini excavators, conveyors, cranes etc. The varied extra costs associated with each of the aforementioned shall be outlined within the quote sheet. To gain access, it may be necessary to remove trees, shrubs and flowers. A labour charge (at cost) will apply for the removal work as well as to the replanting of any trees, shrubs or flowers that can be saved. Other structures not specifically mentioned are to be priced accordingly

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