Gunite swimming pools were the first type of swimming pool to ever be built. They are renowned for their quality and overall beauty. Gunite swimming pools are completely customizable. There are literally limitless possibilities for the design of your pool.

While the wet process or Shotcrete includes stone and gravel in the cement mix, Gunite does not. The strongest mixes are generally regarded to have stone as the aggregate as the more varied the aggregate sizes are, the greater both the compressive and tensile strengths. Gunite uses less water to hydrate but the surface can be more porous. Proponents from either side will claim their method to be of the greater tensile strength and thus implying a stronger shell.


Lido continues to push the envelope in Vinyl lined pool design. Our innovative approach has provided many "Firsts" within the industry. Seemingly endless design possibilities have enabled Lido to specialize in creating vinyl lined pools that share the same upscale appearance often achieved with concrete pools. This style. It combines the practically and affordability of vinyl lined pools with the free form concept and splendour of concrete and gunite pools. We invite you to review these new shapes and concepts in backyard environment planning and design.


Gunite pool designs are limited only by your imagination. Some shapes to consider - from a classic rectangle configuration to a curvaceous natural-looking lagoon and everything in between.

The following are some photos of past projects.

Whats the difference between Gunite and Shotcrete?

Generically speaking, Gunite is a term that is loosely used to describe material that is pneumatically applied.

Specifically speaking, Gunite and Shotcrete are similar in the sense that they are both a pneumatic or force applied material application. However, the difference between Gunite and Shotcrete is this:

The Dry process (Gunite) is a mixture of mainly sand and cement. The dry process is shot though the hoses like a sand blast operation with the water being applied at the very end of the hose. When applied to a pool, the crews mainly do the floors first due to the large amount of rebound produced. When the walls, benches and spas are shot, the crews must throw out the rebound. If any rebound is incorporated into the floor, a weak sand-like pocket will form. If it doesnt stick, it must be removed.

The Wet process (Shot Crete) is a mixture of sand, cement, small pea gravel and water. The wet process is brought out by a ready-mix concrete truck and pumped via concrete pump with the air applied through a nozzle at the very end, to spray the material in place. This method produces little or no rebound so the walls are applied first, then the floor shot last. All excess material pulled from walls can be incorporated into the floor area and then shot over. This can't be done with the dry process.

Lido Pools offers a wide selection of vinyl pool shapes with a broad choice of sizes from small to large available in each design. A wide range of step, accessory and deck options enables the pool owners to create a true custom masterpiece.

All of Lido's vinyl lined pools feature 14 gauge, stake-locked steel walls protected with an extra thick Z-720 galvanized coating. Concrete footings around the entire pool perimeter and a smooth concrete bottom ensures long life and many trouble-free years of enjoyment. Lido Pools uses only heavy-duty vinyl pool liners that are specifically designed to withstand the our harsh Canadian environments. Our liners are made from 100% virgin vinyl and are manufactured with bleach resistant inks to help guard against fading.

Your choice of vinyl liner could include up to a 40 mil thickness (only in the wall material, as per industry standard). These liners are manufactured in a state of the art facility with virgin vinyl incorporating an anti-bacteriastat to inhibit algae growth.

The manufacturer's 25 year pro-rated warranty has been further protected by "Lido", within the "Pool Elite Warranty Program" to provide each customer the assurance that when the time comes for replacement, we freeze the discount to 40% off the list price, despite the time lapse.

Choose from about 70 shapes to fit your backyard - from a classic rectangle configuration to a curvaceous natural-looking lagoon and everything in between. Bench seating and pool covers are available on most models. The following are some architectural drawings of our projects over the years.

All of the Lido Pools construction details encompass over four decades of cumulative knowledge base and expertise specializing in the design and development of our craft. Our unique structural design is superior in strength, tried and tested for longevity and backed by the exclusive "Pool Elite Warranty Program", the most comprehensive guarantee available in the industry.

Lido has effectively "Branded" their pools in part by employing four main proprietary items that help make it the best built vinyl lined pool in the world. For this reason, only a "basic description" as noted below is included within this web site.

The soothing, hot bubbling water and hydro-therapy action of a spa provides another dimension for your enjoyment, either as a focal point or to compliment the total swimming pool experience. Before you know it, your stress will float away with the bubbles and steam of your own backyard sanctuary. Whether it’s a stand-alone spa, independent spa or a spillover spa, each spa will have its own unique set of pros. Which one is best suited to your requirements?

There are two main types of spa "set-ups":

Like other innovative home technology, pools and spas continue to benefit from improvements in the industry. This especially applies to maintenance as pools and spas require minimal care. Total automation systems can be integrated to control digital heaters, cleaners, sanitizers, lighting and covers from a hand held remote, satellite computer or even telephone.

A spa that is situated in its own private environment away from the pool can still seem connected to it, at least aesthetically. In naturalistic designs, for example, the spa often takes the form of a small pond or hot spring sequestered from the main pool. While a spa can be designed as a miniature version of the pool and placed within its perimeter, it can also assume a completely different shape and reside away from the pool.

It is best if an integrated spa is constructed of the same materials as the pool so that it doesn't appear to be an after-thought. If located off to one side, the spa should complement the pool's geometry.

Space is also one of the major considerations when planning for a new hot tub or spa. Ask this questions:

  • How many people will be using the spa?
  • Is it just for family, or do you plan to entertain guests?